Technical Department



Please do not use gearbox and motor nameplate or catalog specifications to avoid electric shock, injury and damage. Please do not put your fingers or items into gear or motor openings to avoid electric shock, fire and damage. Please do not use the injured gear box or motor, so as to avoid possible injury, fire and so on. Please do not remove the nameplate. By the customer of the product privately for product transformation, not part of the warranty, the company does not assume any responsibility.


When moving, if the occurrence of falling off or dumping, is very dangerous, please pay attention.


Do not place combustibles around gearboxes and motors to avoid fire. Please do not place items around the motor, affect the motor ventilation, cooling, and even because of abnormal overheating and burns or a fire. Do not touch the gear and the motor shaft end, the gear part of the keyway, so as not to hurt. In the case of food machinery and other equipment that may produce smoke, please install another oil tank in the installation site to prevent the oil spill in the product has a negative impact.

Link to main machinery

In the rotating part, please set a safety cover to prevent injury. Please confirm the direction of rotation before connecting with the other machine. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, it may be injured or damaged.


When measuring insulation resistance, do not touch the terminals to avoid the risk of electric shock.


Please follow the wiring diagram or instruction manual to connect with the power supply to avoid electric shock or fire. (No terminal box, please strengthen the connection part of the insulation) on the power cable and motor lead, please do not over-bending, stretching, clamping, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock. The grounding terminal should be firmly grounded to avoid the risk of electric shock. Be sure to use a power supply that meets the requirements of the nameplate to avoid burning the motor and fire.


Do not approach or touch rotating objects (axes, etc.) during operation. If you are involved in or are injured, please turn off the power switch immediately and handle it in time. In the event of a power failure, be sure to turn off the power switch to prevent damage or damage to the device after a call. Please note that the motor with the thermal protector will automatically cut off the power when the motor temperature is abnormal. When the motor temperature drops to a certain value, the motor will automatically resume operation. (Note: the motor is not burned in the case, will automatically restore)

Daily inspection and maintenance

In normal times, keep the motor running in a normal working environment. (Except for special models), please do not touch the rotating object (shaft, etc.). There may be involved, injured.

Acceptance of goods

Please confirm whether the spot is consistent with the order. Choose the wrong product, may lead to damage to the motor or damage devices.