Filender Precise Transmission Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Located in a beautiful lakeside city – Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Filender Precise Transmission Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precise gear speed reducer and power transmission device, which combines product research and development, production and sales, and market operations.


Filender comes from Germany, and absorbs the advanced German technology as well as its meticulous and exquisite manufacturing technique. Meanwhile, the company continuously enhances the communication with domestic and foreign counterparts to bring in advanced design concepts. The company use leading design software to develop and research new products. All these optimize and upgrade our products. Strictly enforcing international and Chinese standards and industry standards, and saving energy are the concept throughout every step from development to production. The company is dedicated to developing and producing high-efficient hypoid gear speed reducers, Grayson arc tooth right-angle speed reducers, and high-precision planetary reducers. It is equipped with advanced production techniques, sophisticated processing equipment and all kinds of test equipment. These enable us to independently develop and design different kinds of gearboxes and electrical motors.


The products of Filender are widely used in many fields, including food machinery, packaging machinery, solar equipment, rubber machinery, cigarette machinery, automatic assembly line, warehousing equipment, glass machinery and automatic control device.


We would like to serve “devotion, teamwork, self-development and contributing to the society” as the enterprise’s objective. Filender brings benefits to the staff in order to seek to grow together with its all staff, creates profits for customers to realize a win-win relationship with our clients and creates value for society by scientific and technological innovation, green manufacturing and taking the road of sustainable development.